do_who problem

From: Phillip A. Ames (kirk47@JUNO.COM)
Date: 09/19/98

Alright all, I have a bit of a problem...  I put in the new do_who
function from George's site, and made a few changes to it, so it would
display clans + ships after the names.  Now, to the problem:  When you
type who, this displays:

32000H/32000H 32000M/32000M 32000V/32000V> who
[Engineer aboard the White Star]
 [Satai of Grey Council] [Entil'Za aboard the White Star] (cloaked)
 Listing of the Gods
[     Q     ] Gowron the Implementor (AFK)

There is 1 visible immortal.

 Listing of the Mortals
[ 1 Th Brg ] Grathol the Newbie [Engineer aboard the White Star]
[ 1 Mu Hum ] Julian the Newbie God [Satai of Grey Council] [Entil'Za
aboard the White Star] (cloaked)

There are 2 visible mortals.

Total visible players: 3.

Here's the code for the clan+ship names:
      // Add the clan title to the title between [].
((clan_num=find_clan_by_id(GET_CLAN(tch)))>=0&&clan_num<num_of_clans) {
          sprintf(buf, "%s [%s of %s]",
        clan[clan_num].rank_name[GET_CLAN_RANK(tch) -1],
          sprintf(buf, "%s [Applying to %s]", buf, clan[clan_num].name);
      // Add the ship name to the title between [].

((ship_num=find_ship_by_id(GET_SHIP(tch)))>=0&&ship_num<num_of_ships) {
          sprintf(buf, "%s [%s aboard the %s]",
        ship[ship_num].rank_name[GET_SHIP_RANK(tch) -1],
          sprintf(buf, "%s [Applying to %s]", buf, ship[ship_num].name);

... and below all that is the 'if flagged this, then display this'
stuff...  Anyone run into a problem like this before?  Thanks,


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