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From: Del Minturn (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 09/20/98

I am playing around with the snippet from circlemud site on the latest
cvs effectively. A few things are comming up that I am totally lost at.
not to mention I am tired.. and can not think clearly. :)

Has anyone messed with adding prompt code for bpl14+?

here is what I am getting.. (I will spend more time looking it up
later.. but if someone has a quick answer it would be great!)

this error I believe is from comm.h:

comm.c:2322: warning: passing arg 1 of `interpret_colors' discards
`const' from pointer target type

   SEND_TO_Q(messg, ch->desc); /* 2322 */

The instructions say to put this in if ya don't have color snippet in:

char *interpret_colors(char *, bool);

#define SEND_TO_Q(txt, d)       \
  write_to_output(interpret_colors(txt, (d->character && \
    (PRF_FLAGGED(d->character, PRF_COLOR_1) ||     \
     PRF_FLAGGED(d->character, PRF_COLOR_2)) ? TRUE : FALSE)), d);

it also gives me this error:
interpreter.c:1483: parse error before `else'

      if (GET_LEVEL(d->character) >= LVL_IMMORT)
        SEND_TO_Q(imotd, d);
        SEND_TO_Q(motd, d);

This is why I am lost on it..
If you know of a quick answer or pointer.. please let me know.. I will
dive into this more tomorrow..

[Please send all flames to me and not the list, Thanks!]

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