First Post: Tons of questions.

From: Matthew Lowe (modem-burn@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 09/21/98

*if you get this message twice, very sorry it's my mail server but I
will be switching soon
hope fully*
Actually many of my questions I've already answered but I think I will
need assistance on a couple.
 I am a newbie to having my own mud (about 1 week with it).
The first things is a spec proc on a mob.
I am deisgning an airport function in my mud. What I plan to do is have
a counter there and a airline attendant. You can buy a Class A, Class B
or Class C ticket. Each will have a aproximate value. Then there will be
a list of places you can fly to, each with a cost.
If the value of the ticket is = or greater than the destination the
flight attendant will let you through. but the problem I have is once
the player has the class[b,c, or a] ticket how will the flight attendant
get it from him and how will she give it back if it is not a valid
I was thinking of using the "give" function, but it seems as if it could
have some problems with loss of  the ticket. I am open to all
suggestions, thank you.

P.S. Does anyone know how to get patches working for dos/win 95. I've
had no luck at all and I've checked all the docs.

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