Re: First Post: Tons of questions.

From: Del (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 09/21/98

Have you looked into dg_scripts as of yet? I am sure that you can use that
do accomplish what you need without having to hard code it, reboot the mud..

In the scripts you can edit them online and test the mob without having to
Also, have you put up the metal detectors in which all passangers will have
to leave thier swords and knives in baggage? hhehehhee "I am sorry sir, you
will have to mail your items to the the city your flying to. You are not
allowed to carry weapons onboard the plane."

Am I in a good mode today or what? Maybe it is cause I don't have a WIFE?!?

Matthew Lowe wrote:

> *if you get this message twice, very sorry it's my mail server but I
> will be switching soon
> hope fully*
> Actually many of my questions I've already answered but I think I will
> need assistance on a couple.
>  I am a newbie to having my own mud (about 1 week with it).
> The first things is a spec proc on a mob.
> I am deisgning an airport function in my mud. What I plan to do is have
> a counter there and a airline attendant. You can buy a Class A, Class B
> or Class C ticket. Each will have a aproximate value. Then there will be
> a list of places you can fly to, each with a cost.
> If the value of the ticket is = or greater than the destination the
> flight attendant will let you through. but the problem I have is once
> the player has the class[b,c, or a] ticket how will the flight attendant
> get it from him and how will she give it back if it is not a valid
> ticket.
> I was thinking of using the "give" function, but it seems as if it could
> have some problems with loss of  the ticket. I am open to all
> suggestions, thank you.
> Matt
> P.S. Does anyone know how to get patches working for dos/win 95. I've
> had no luck at all and I've checked all the docs.
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