Re: [Fwd: Circle Crashes]

From: Del (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 09/21/98

> Hi Guys,
>    I am a newbie MUD admin, and I am trying to figure out why circle crashes
> every day I have read the FAQ and tried the== nohup autorun & === and will
> stay up for about a day 24hrs but sometimes it last only till I quit playing
> in the MUD
> Jason

I think most will tell you that thier crystal ball is broken at the moment.
Including mine...

Take a look at syslog.CRASH and see what errors popped up. Or take a look at
log/errors and see what errors popped up there too. If it crashed several times
you can also look back at log/syslog.1 and .2 and .3 etc..

Is the mud stock? Version? What patches did you add? What changes did you make
recently? Do you have a backup before the latest changes? Did it create a core
These are some of the questions you can answer yourself and let others know what
errors you are getting. Without this kind of information there is no way
possible for someone to tell you why your mud is crashed. "My mud crashed can
you tell me why?" does not fly.

My car stopped running can you tell me why?
My wife stopped giving me .. ohh never mind..

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