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From: Matt Howard (matth@CLOUD.ATMOS.UCLA.EDU)
Date: 09/21/98


I am new to this mailing list, and I am also new to CircleMUD. I was
wondering if anyone has grappled
with the issue of incorporating cgic.c (CGI form processing package) and

its components into CircleMUD in an attempt to allow web page (HTML
forms) access to CircleMUD (rather than, or in addition to, Telnet

Now, don't cringe when you hear me mention HTML forms and CircleMUD in a

single breath. I respect all the Telnet purists out there -- this
message is directed towards those who have thought about the concept of
webifying CircleMUD. And I don't mean converting rooms to HTML code as
in the program that is included in the CircleMUD distribution.  ;-)

I am considering this seemingly monumental task, and I was not sure if
this issue had already been dealt with and rendered as feasible or
unfeasible, considering the way that CircleMUD and its users communicate

with one another.

The only MUD that I have found that conforms to the format of using web
pages and HTML forms is a primitive MUD called the "Land of Karchan" at
the following URL address:

For two years, I was a Builder for this MUD, that basically issues a log

file for each character and writes text to these log files, instead of
displaying them on a Telnet screen. This MUD is maintained by only one
person, so it has remained in a primitive state for as long as I can
remember. Anyway, I have since left this MUD and I am pondering the
possibility of making a CircleMUD that is web-based. Can it be done????

Also, I would like to present the idea of using databases for
data-driven aspects of CircleMUD, such as worlds, objects, etc. the Land

of Karchan runs through a MySQL database that contains all information
about rooms, items and such. To a Builder, this is much more manageable
than a set of files. Allow me to explain further:

As we all know, CircleMUD places all of its info about worlds, mobiles,
objects and the like into files in which fields are separated by
characters. Well, it seems that it would be an easy task to construct
database tables that contain this information in labeled fields in a
table. As CircleMUD runs, database queries, sent through the C API for
mySQL, are made and appropriate data is obtained for further use in the
program. The way in which these object files are set up seems to lend
themselves to a database format. Of course, a Builder would have to know

some of the basics of SQL (to add, remove or update world areas,
mobiles, objects, etc) but things may become a bit easier to manage.
Also, separate queries can be done on these database tables for
administrative purposes (i.e. finding out how many rooms contain a
particular object, monster, etc).

I am a beginner to C programming, and I have only begun to
investigate the CircleMUD code to find out if these two ideas (using
HTML forms and databases) are feasable or would require a major overhaul

in the existing code. I am eager to develop something along these lines
with someone who is interested and/or has a good grasp on the CircleMUD
code. Anyone who is familiar with Java (to make applets for real-time
scenarios, like combat) is also more than welcome. I have all the C Code

for the Land of Karchan, which is filled with examples of how to query a

mySQL database in C as well as the use of cgic.c and its components in a

MUD environment.

Thank you for your time,

Matt Howard

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