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From: Matt Howard (matth@CLOUD.ATMOS.UCLA.EDU)
Date: 09/22/98

David Blocher wrote:

> I was also thinking about converting to a database instead of flat files.  I
> think it would be much easier to make global object changes, expand , and
> balance the game.  It would also address the problem of pfile wipes (I know
> you can convert it but soo many people just wipe)  It would then be
> relatively easy create a really nice offline building and documenting tool.
> I know it would be easy to use an access database on the 95/NT platform but
> I am not sure what free databases are available for unix.

Well, there are quite a few, such as mySQL, mSQL and PostgreSQL. I personally
can vouch for mySQL -- it is robust enough to support the files in even the
heftiest of CircleMUDs.

> Secondly I am afraid that it is not possible to keep the code platform
> independent then.

Could you please elaborate on this point? I would like to learn more.

> Well thats my 2 cents.  I would like to talk to anybody else if they are
> really interested in changing from files to db's

Well, email me and we can discuss this. It's just a matter of how to divide the
data into tables and fields. The next, and more difficult, step would be to
incorporate an API into the CircleMUD code that will query the database upon
demand. I would assume that the speed of querying a database would be much
faster as opposed to searching through a lengthy text file.

Anyone still wanna take a crack at what I mentioned before about the web?



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