Re: Quasar Hosting and an ObCircle

From: Jason (jason@PLANETDENVER.COM)
Date: 09/22/98

I dont Understand....

 This is very typical on every list. A person asks for help and wants to
learn, but there is always someone on the list that knows it all. The first
thing they do before offering any help is to slam the newbie writing the
letter. I thought this list was for help and support of a fantastic MUD
server. If thats not what this list is about is there a list where a person
doesnt have to be affraid to post what they believe to be a a good question.
We are not all C/C++ programmers, and I know that I don't have a minor in
english. So far with one (what may be a stupid question post to you that
knows all) I have tried to give info that was asked of me then was ridiculed
for posting that info.

please try and Help Us Newbies.
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From: Phillip A. Ames <kirk47@JUNO.COM>
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Date: Tuesday, September 22, 1998 1:09 PM
Subject: Re:  Quasar Hosting and an ObCircle

>>First of all, thank you for your information about a MUD host, some
>>of the people on this list might not have a host and will be looking
>>for one.
>>It is true that you do not need to be able to code to run a server,
>>it also looks like you do not need to know how to spell or maintain
>>english grammar rules.
>>I, used in the personal reference should be capitalised,
>>and professional only has one 'f'.  I'll let you off as this is an
>>email and people tend to get lazy in emails.
>>I had a look at the site and it looks rather pretty.  However,
>>professional sites, whichever spelling you use, shouldn't have errors
>>like this on the front page.
>Since when did this become an English class?
>I've played AvP MUD for a little bit(Great MUD Chris) and I rather liked
>how they had the 'voice activated' guns on the APC's...  Like someone
>say fire guns
>You say, 'fire guns'
>MUD responds:
>Activating the machine guns, you spray the area with full autofire.
>Doing this will damage everyone in the same room as your APC... I'm
>wondering if anyone knows what the most efficient way of implementing
>something like this would be: In a spec proc, in a DG script/trigger, or
>some other thing?  I'm hoping to get it to work with the object damage
>snippet so it will damage another vehicle in the room..  Anyone know how
>I might go about doing something like this?
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