Re: [OFFTOPIC] Quasar Hosting and an ObCircle

From: Phillip A. Ames (kirk47@JUNO.COM)
Date: 09/22/98

On Tue, 22 Sep 1998 13:26:28 -0600 Jason <jason@PLANETDENVER.COM> writes:
>I dont Understand....
> This is very typical on every list. A person asks for help and wants to
>learn, but there is always someone on the list that knows it all. The
>thing they do before offering any help is to slam the newbie writing the
>letter. I thought this list was for help and support of a fantastic MUD
>server. If thats not what this list is about is there a list where a
>doesnt have to be affraid to post what they believe to be a a good
>We are not all C/C++ programmers, and I know that I don't have a minor
>english. So far with one (what may be a stupid question post to you that
>knows all) I have tried to give info that was asked of me then was
>for posting that info.
>please try and Help Us Newbies.

Believe me, I do _NOT_ know everything...  I'm a newbie myself.  But I
don't see why the post was wasted, along with our bandwidth with comments
about the english on a web page.  I personally don't care how people
write, just so long as its semi-legible.  But what was done was the page
was practically picked apart with comments like this:

>>I, used in the personal reference should be capitalised,
>>and professional only has one 'f'.  I'll let you off as this is an
>>email and people tend to get lazy in emails.

And also, there was no ObCircle which is requested in the FAQ if you're
going to post an offtopic post.  And as to helping the newbies:  I love
to help people that I can, but many I can't due to my inability.  Sorry
if that post offended you, but I don't see why that was posted.  Note
that, in the title, thereis an [OFFTOPIC] so that people using e-mail
filters can now avoid reading this admittedly worthless post defending my
former one.

I uploaded my prompt addition to the incoming directory at
It's called xp-prompt.diff and its in patch format.  If any of you are
interested in using it, drop me a line saying whether or not ya like it
just to give me an idea of whether or not it's a useful addition.


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