Patches and Music And Re: First post tons of questions

From: Matthew Lowe (modem-burn@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 09/22/98

First I have had absalutly no luck with patches under the windows 95
I've tried the cygnus32 and basicly couldn't get it to work. I tried
using diff and I tried using patch then I tried getting the patch for
dos on the documentation project (circlemud home page) and it's link was
unvalid. After a while of playing with cygnus I got the the patch
program that came with it to work and I typed the following in
patch -u < c:\autoeq~1.pat that's the shortened dos form and it says
patch file then tries to find desenct.exe. And other times it just says
hunk 5 of 5 failed. So I'm very confused at this point.

About the Airplain tickets thank you all for you suggestions.  I've just
implimented it and it wasn't quite as hard as I thought it could be. But
what I did was basicly resolve the item vnum number with rnum and then
checked if the person was holding it then took it from him and used
char_from and char_to_room that's the basic procedure.

Onto the music. How do you get music in a mud anyways? I thought of tons
of thousands of greate places I could impliment music but I though I
would have to create my own mud mud, telnet prog.

*The hardest thing about making a mud is naming it*
 - Matt

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