Re: [SKILL] Hide/Hidden...bizzare!

From: Sean Daley (sdaley@BBNPLANET.COM)
Date: 09/22/98

I guess I'm not completely sure what you're getting at.
The code that actually displays the characters standing in a
room uses a macro CAN_SEE to determine if it should list the
character or not.

### Snipped from act.informative.c ###
void list_char_to_char(struct char_data ...)
  struct char_data *i;

  for (i = list; i; i = i->next_in_room)
    if (ch != i) {
      if (CAN_SEE(ch, i))

### End of snip ###
Part of CAN_SEE macro looks like ...

#define INVIS_OK(sub, obj) \
 (!AFF_FLAGGED((obj), AFF_HIDE) ||

So you only actually see the person and the (hidden) field
if it passes this part of the check.

So as of right now, if a character is hidden and the person
looking at the room doesn't have sense_life on or fails
any of the other checks (it's a long macro in utils.h) then
the character will not be seen.

Unless I'm mistaken, circle already does what you're asking
for?  Forgive me if I'm confusing your question with something


At 09:51 AM 09/23/1998 +1000, you wrote:
>Hi list...
>In my everpresent quest to get skills upgraded and stuff like that, I was
>looking at the hide skill.  Fair enough.  But then I noticed that
>basically, if so-and-so hides, what actually happens is that a (hidden) is
>place at the end of their long_desc when one looks at the room.  I checked
>out bpl14, and it seems to be present there as well.  This eventuates even
>without sense_life being cast on the player.
>What is the process for making sure that if a PC (or NPC) is hidden, that
>in "look" (and its alternate subroutines) the player (PC/NPC) *cannot* be
>seen when someone looks at the room?
>Was also thinking, is it possbile to say, make a piece of equipment
>*hidden*?  That is, instead of the old trick of making a blank long_desc,
>is it *easily* possible to make a piece of equipment load somewhere, but
>not have the players see it without sense_life?
>Any ideas/comment appreciated.

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