Char_From_Room function and confliting structs

From: Modem Burn (modem-burn@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 09/22/98

What I made was an arena function. All it did was when a imm executed
the command "start arena" everybody that was flagged as PFK_ARENA
was transfered to vnum 200. The first step was create a for loop that
would go though all the names under the descriptor_data struct and would
check each name if the char was PFK_ARENA or not. then it would do a
char_from_room(d->character) command and it is supose to put the
character into the NOWHERE state but at the line in the function where
it assigns d->character->room_in = NOWHER it crashes. I think it might
be because descriptor_data doesn't store every little detail of the
character like room_in. Enven then I don't think I am right because the
character struct under destriptor_data is a pointer rather then a valid

Oh and following is the declaration of  the var "d".

struct descriptor_data *d;

Thanks everyone.
        - Matt

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