Re: Spells/Skills from objs or mobs

From: Modem Burn (modem-burn@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 09/22/98

I think that is a great idea. The thing you might wanna check under is
with the original circlemud source there were scrolls and if you read
the scrolls they do something like invisibility only what you could do
is make a new function called memorize and it would like cost coins as
like a sacrafice or somethin then the same way you learn in you guild
would be the same way you memorize these skills and spells.

Jeramy Singleton wrote:
> Okay im trying to make my mud so that the players have
> to learn spells from spellbooks threwn out across the mud..
> not books that they can take.. but books they have to learn from
> instead of getting the spells just by leveling... i want to get rid
> of that completely...
> the same thing with skills..
> has anyone done this before...

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