[CODE] Walking algorithm code

From: Andrew Ritchie (object@ALPHALINK.COM.AU)
Date: 09/23/98

Hi all. I was wanting to know if anyone has implemented a kind of walking
algorithm for NPCs. For example, if you are a guardin a town called Sigholt,
and you blow your whistle to summon the NPC guards in the town, is there a
way of the NPCs to get to the player guard by walking normally, not just
'teleporting' themselves there?

For example, I'll show a little map because I am a bit confused myself.


N = NPC guard
P = Player Guard - who's blowing the whistle
* = can't walk here
-/| = road - want to walk here

Now in this instance, I want the NPC to travel east, 3 south and 5 east.

I know it would be extremely hard to implement, but it would add a huge
extra dimension to the game - you could have a tavel brawl and get your
friends to block the enterance :)

Andrew Ritchie.

| Andrew Ritchie, object@alphalink.com.au.

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