Re: Going from Win95 to Unix

From: Cervo (chrisf@PTD.NET)
Date: 09/23/98

> I just use Pico.  Close enough for me though some people like Joe.  In
> either case, you can use DOSEMU if you _really_ want to run edit...
Bah use Emacs, it's not just an editor, it's a religion :P
  Hehehehehehe cool idea to make circle totally lifelike.  Give people
jobs, like security guards, city guards, janitors, store owners, and
enable them to earn gold for work.  People can be the police, and the fire
department, and the bounty hunters, and you can have a cool game of
cityguards and robbers :P  The fire department can just carry buckets of
water and stuff :P  And money can be used to buy lessons in your guild,
and it can be used to buy training in magic and stuff, and to bribe
mobiles to give you eq :P  Bah I'm just mentally iNSANE, but that's not
such a bad thing is it?

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