[NEWBIE] Patches under win95 actualy working. Yay!

From: Modem Burn (modem-burn@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 09/24/98

Okay, This is directed to all the windows 95 users out there who simply
couldn't get the patching system working under windows 95 and spen t many
many hours implementing the patch files manually. Well to all those users
I've actually got it to work, some of you might have got it working already
and are saying what a idiot. But I know some people on this list that can't
get it working.
So here it is. I went to circlemud web sight and couldn't  download patch
for DOS from the link they had on the web page. So I found another copy on
the net. I decided to use patch for DOS because cygnus32 is 12 megs and I
don't have the speed capabilities nor the time to download it not to mention
I couldn't get it to work at school. After I downloaded the patch program I
followed install instruction found on a patch readme (FULL credit on the
readme file to: Daniel Koepke).
The install instructions were to copy the patch file to the src dir and do
the following:
patch < {patch file name}
(You have to have the directory of the patch program under the path
environment variable or have the prog in the src directory)

well this actually worked. And the hunks that failed were saved to (file
name the were suppose to be applied to + # at the end) and then from there I
added those manually because the patch wasn't quite for my stock version of
circle mud.

Well that's for all those people out there who couldn't get it working.

If you would like a copy of the patch for DOS please e-mail me at:
Thank you,
    - Matt
P.S. I figured not allot of people knew that because nobody responded to my
message about it earlier, well then again nobody ever responds to my

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