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From: Fafhrd (fafhrd@ROTD.COM)
Date: 09/24/98

Yes. Most of those parts are options, not really required. Use send_to_char
or something similar to send them.
send_to_char("!!SOUND(battle*)", ch);
send_to_char("!!MUSIC(mozart*)", ch);
Now, if the player doesnt have a client capable of MSP, they will see this,
so it's best to create a terminal option for players. PRF_MSP works well,
just have the player choose term type upon entering.
   send_to_char("!!SOUND(congrats.wav)", ch);
   send_to_char("Get a real client you dolt!\r\n", ch);

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>> contains all info you need. Although zugg isn't the
>>originator of the standard, nor is zmud the only client supporting it,
>>his page by far explains it best.
>This page to me merely explains what it is and how to use it using zmud it
>doesnt really explain how to implement it and to have sound toggle on and
>off.  Do you just add the !!MUSIC(fugue.mid V=100 L=1 C=1 T=music)
>!!MUSIC(berlioz/fantas1 V=80 L=-1 C=1 T=music)
>     !!MUSIC(Off)  to the code?
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