From: Edoardo Spelta (espelta@GOEMON.POLITO.IT)
Date: 09/26/98

I know that it's an old topic but i havent found
any clue ti solve my problem on the past archive files..
I've put the circle3 objsave.c in place of the circle2.2 objsave.c,
since they're almost similar and everyything works well.
Then i've handpatched the autoq code,
but the mud somethimes (not always) crashes when i log out, and
the gdb is not helping, since it just report a malloc error without a
When i reboot after the crash and i log in with a character, i find my eq in
the same place when i had logged out, so i guess the patch has been applied
has nobody had a similar problem ?

A Question... applying the autoeq code means adding a new parameter
(*int locate and int locate) to the
argument list of
Obj-from_store and Obj_to_store, which are also used in house.c to save and
objects in houses...should this parameter be zero when calling those 2
from house.c ?

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