Re: mudFTP question

From: Del Minturn (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 09/26/98

It seems to me to be too much of a hassle with adding code to be able to
copy and paste..


Is it worth all the headaches? Not to me.

Another note I keep seeing problems people are having with the
multi-attack code that assigns AFF flags.

When anyone makes a patch, I notice very few state which version or BPL
that the code was based on.

So my advice to those newbies out there: Not many patches were developed
under bpl14 or newer (meaning the cvs of the latest beta). Most are
older patches and if you are not careful, you will run into several
errors. Take that extra time to check variables, structs, or whatever to
make sure they will be ok. I have run across a lot of errors that (since
I still consider myself a newbie coder) I can not fix alone.
There are a lot of people willing to help, which I am forever grateful
to them! Just make sure you do a little research first.

There is a great place to start, the mailing list archive!!!!!!

Since there has been hundreds of people who have most likely asked the
same question, you can look up the answer first. If you do not find the
answer by searching for multiattack.. then try attack, or multi.. One
person said they could not find a topic once.. and I found atleast 8 on
the one he was looking for.

oh I guess I have rambled enough.
Sorry for spamming the list, but it seems there are too many asking the
same questions over and over.

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