From: Christopher Avans (parka@CDC.NET)
Date: 09/26/98

        At one time I had a program called "alchemy" it was a dos utiltiy
tha converted .jpg, .bmp, etc picture files to an ansi picture. Well my
dos box had "the big one". In short, it died. So I went searching and
found alchemy 'sept now it has been "improved" and I cant seem to figure
out what format is plain ansi. The new one with convert to-from 60
diffrent formats. if you know which one of these is plan ansi. Throw me
a piece of mail, or if not and know another converter please tell.
If your wondering what this has to do with circle. its to have an ansi pic
on login. If you wish to know how to configure your mud to allow this its
easy just mail me and we try to find a converter together. Chuckle.

Banyal, of the Hubis Group.

A side note.
Something to cheer.

A Mud based on CircleMUD is about to go alpha. HubisMUD was born October
18, 1997. It is a creation of the Hubis Group implementing thier Copper
code and ideas into the "better" circle base. Circle's layout file,
structure. and memery allocation shames other code bases. And I thank the
people of CircleMUD, since the intial hassle of converting to Circle the
progress has speed up tenfold with the better circle format. Is to bad
that I see people sneer at the term Circlemud over the stock syndrome.
I hope Hubis will present the great assests of the Circle code base.

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