Re: mudFTP problems continued

From: Erwin S. Andreasen (erwin@ANDREASEN.COM)
Date: 09/27/98

On Sat, 26 Sep 1998, James Turner wrote:

> Okay I've found the problem.  It's a bug in the interfacing with
> Circle, not explicitly in the client or server (or Circle for that
> matter).  Here's a demonstration of the root of the issue: run circle
> in the foreground, hit ctrl-z, go to a window already connected, hit
> enter 50 times, go back, type "fg", and switch back to the client
> window.  Circle only responds to one carriage return.  Now, suppose
> you have an empty line in the file that is being sent.  It gets
> transmitted just as a "\n".  But if there was a line before it, we end
> up with two \n's in the buffer, which circle skips over.

Not surprising - MERC etc. do the same thing, and I fixed it there - but
the code in Circle is quite different. This seems to be the problem:

    /* find the end of this line */
    while (ISNEWL(*nl_pos))

It should only skip one complete newline. The problem is however, finding
out what a newliny IS. It could be \n, but perhaps also \r\n or \n\r or

On MERC+, I skip until I get one of each or reach a non-newline. It looks
something like this:

        got_n = got_r = FALSE;

        for (;d->inbuf[i] == '\r' || d->inbuf[i] == '\n';i++)
                if (d->inbuf[i] == '\r' && got_r++)

                else if (d->inbuf[i] == '\n' && got_n++)

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