[NEWBIE] patching with Cygnus-Gnu 32

From: Phooey On You (Phooey182@AOL.COM)
Date: 09/27/98

I've been trying to apply patches with Cygnus-Gnu32 on Windows 98.

The very first file in the patch (socials) patches just fine, but
then when it reaches the next file to patch, it prompts...

>File to patch:

I've tried typing in target files and the patchfile itself, but nothing seems
to work.
It simply won't continue to patch.  Anyone have a solution for this.

And before you ask, I am patching from the root directory of circlemud, and
at the prompt I am typing

>patch -p0 < OLC.patch

the pacthfile is also in circle's root directory.


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