Re: [NEWBIE] patching with Cygnus-Gnu 32

From: Modem Burn (modem-burn@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 09/27/98

Phooey On You wrote:
> I've been trying to apply patches with Cygnus-Gnu32 on Windows 98.
> The very first file in the patch (socials) patches just fine, but
> then when it reaches the next file to patch, it prompts...
> >File to patch:
> I've tried typing in target files and the patchfile itself, but nothing seems
> to work.
> It simply won't continue to patch.  Anyone have a solution for this.
> And before you ask, I am patching from the root directory of circlemud, and
> at the prompt I am typing
> >patch -p0 < OLC.patch
> the pacthfile is also in circle's root directory.
> Phooey
>     ---------------------------------------------------------------
> Subject: patching with Cygnus-Gnu 32
> Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 17:25:07 EDT
> From:
> I'm trying to patch the oasis into Circlebpl14 using Cygnus-Gnu 32.
> I keep getting all these errors during the patch.  I am patching from the
> src directory, but it doesn't seem to see the files in the lib directories.
> Is there an argument I should be using with the patch command????
> P
Okay, I understand all the stuff that is going wrong it all happend to
me. What it means by file to patch is the path file it self. But when
you type in the name of the patch file it gives you a sharing violation.
So. This is what I would do, make 2 copies of the patch in the source
dir. run patch <args> < <patchfile> then give it the name of the other
copy of the patch files when it prompt you for "File to Path:"
Now when I did this all the hunks failed but it did at least try to
patch it. It's the same problem with the dos patch file as well so......
It's all useless. I give up on patches under win95 I try out the patch
prog then manually enter in everything else (which is a huge *swear*

        - Matt

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