From: Phillip A. Ames (kirk47@JUNO.COM)
Date: 09/28/98

Heya all :)  I've got a question...  Can any of you see a problem with
the code below?  If you don't you're about as stuck as me, cos it doesn't
work. :P  I make a trigger using the variable %actor.ship% and
%actor.shiprank%, assign it to a mob and make it a greet trigger....  It
doesn't say anything, for people WITH ships or WITHOUT ships.  Thanks in


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      else if (!str_cmp(field, "ship")){
if ((ship_num=find_ship_by_id(GET_SHIP(c)))>=0&&ship_num<num_of_ships)
   sprintf(str, "%s", ship[ship_num].name);
  else sprintf(str, "No ship");

      else if (!str_cmp(field, "shiprank")){
if ((ship_num=find_ship_by_id(GET_SHIP(c)))>=0&&ship_num<num_of_ships)
   sprintf(str, "%s", ship[ship_num].rank_name[GET_SHIP_RANK(c) -1]);
 else sprintf(str, "Unranked");

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