From: Phillip A. Ames (kirk47@JUNO.COM)
Date: 09/29/98

On Mon, 28 Sep 1998 20:53:21 -0400 Del Minturn <caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET>
>two questions:
>1. what is ship_num defined as at this point?
It's an extern int, at the top of the file.

>> if
>2. This seems to have a three part if (before the &&)
>   ship_num = find_ship_by_id(GETSHIP(c)) >= 0
>            ^                             ^^
>   is that what it is supposed to be in an if statement????

As far as I knew, that _was_ an if statement due to the if above it...
If there ship number is greater than/equal to 0, they have a ship.  I
have them stored in a file, similar to clans...

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