Re: Editor fixes anyone?

From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 10/01/98

On Thu, 1 Oct 1998, Fafhrd wrote:

>Two problems I have with the improved editor, perhaps someone has already
>fixed. Both are with /fi or format indent.
>1: Email addresses are spread out with double spacing, since the editor
>thinks its found a period signifying the end of a sentence.
>2: Quoted messages (Using respond patch) are tossed in with the rest of the
>message getting formatted, resulting in very ugly reading.
>If anyone has fixed these things, I'd be much obliged for some insight.

There's a trivial modification to the improved that will support paragraphs
not all being clumped togeter.  I suppose you could use that for the
response part.  As for the e-mail, disabling the extension if there is a
character after the period would be the easiest.

I have the first, not the second, but it's so easy you'll be able to
figure it out yourself.

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