mob's stats editing

From: Seung Yul Lee (sylee@INTERGATE.BC.CA)
Date: 10/02/98

I'm using OasisOLC to build zones and because I was busy working with the source code, I didn't realized that Mob editor in OasisOLC does not support editing for the mob's stats. I realized this after finishing off some coding and when start to make zones. Problem is that my mud doesn't have levels and heavly depends on character's stats. So if mob's stats are all same, player basically have to play with same mobs. Is there a way to change mob's stats and keep the changed stats? Could anybody who added mob's stat edit in medit help me out?

I searched the mailling list archive for post relate to my problem and I was able to find two posts. One had same problem and reply suggested to use Obuild which has stat edit in it. I don't want to install Obuild over OasisOLC.

And one more thing. I wish future version of OasisOLC has mob stats edit in it's medit.


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