Last names

From: Ryu Kuno (RyuKuno@AOL.COM)
Date: 10/02/98

I was thinking about last names, and I believe it is possible for one to jury-
rig a very simple system.

When a player signs on, they DO NOT use their character's name.  Instead, they
use an account name.  When the account name and password have been      verified,
the player enters the world as their character.  Before they are actually
CON_PLAYING, circle shifts the name of the player from the account name to a
string stored in the pfile.  When a player signs off, their name is switched
back to the account name.  One would have to find every exit and entrance of
the system to ensure that the name is switched to the proper one.  I've
located only these: "quit", "logon", "reconnect to link-less player",
"disconnect without quitting", "save", "crash-save", "house crash save".

The steps to get this working would be:
        (1)     Create two variables: account name and character name buffer
        (2)     Find all exits and entrances then have circle switch the names
        (3)     Create a CON_ for the player to choose his player's name (because when
                        they are first logging on, they will be inputting the account name)

I'd really appreciate it if someone would drop me a line.  I'd like to know if
anyone knows any other exits/entrances that I haven't listed.  Also, if this
system is impossible or requires update could someone tell me?

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