Why use olc?

From: Jourge Fuzz Bush (modem-burn@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 10/02/98

Well this basiclly only aplies to win95 users because I haven't checked
out off line *nix world building utilities but I guess *nix users could
use plain text but read the following anyways.

Okay, I've read all the messages all the troubles, and 1 question comes
to mind. Why the hell are we using olc instead mud editor, like the only
advantage is that you don't have to reboot and u don't have to do a file
transfer to put the files in the right dirs.  But MudEditor is way
better to use, less online time is needed because I know that is a
problem with some people. Anyways, I think for all the hassel olc is to
put into circlemud and then to change so it supports guns for example
it's not worth it.
For example this is what I am doing and this might help you all  well at
least the win95 users and the unix and linux users can find another ftp

Well I tell all my world builders, most of which have windows 95.
I says that get mudeditor.exe which can be found at:
This is a quite good off-line editor for win95
or there is circleedit.
Well after they make there zones and files off-line with mud editor they
just open ftp and log in to my server (I'm running ward-ftp deamon,
freeware and very good) I will have set up there own accounts allong
with the specific dirs they are allowed into. This makes it quite easy
for the buildes allowing them not to have to be online while composing
areas and not having to look at plain text. I can't stand looking at
strait ascII for hours at a time and if I only do 5 mins at a time I
never get anything done so The above was the best way possible that I
could set up. Well ocasionaly in this I will might not make sense sorry
excuse my poor language skills. But that's just my 2 cents on all of

        - Matt

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