Re: Why use olc?

From: Jourge Fuzz Bush (modem-burn@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 10/03/98

* I warn you I am not a english professor or the best typer so ther are
spelling mistakes grammer mistakes, basicly everything*

I agree with invincibll,
invincibll wrote:
this is not a flame...nor is it an argument with you, it was just
convenient to reply to this one, vs go back to the first one, but i
guess i have wasted more time writing this than if i had actually just
gone back to the first one and replied to it....dear me...

I wrote:
I won't include the previous post about this because it is too long if
you want to know go back to the other posts.
Well You do have a points with linux, unfortunately I tried this earlier
in time and I managed to delete a partition or my hard drive through
lilow.:( Well I did manage to get linux in, but then I loose all my
win95 progs. and all my work and all my progs, like icq (actually I
think they made a linux ver of this) and 3d studio max any ways before I
make a whole page of programs...... No the mud editor take about 15 mins
to download on a 28.8 connection. olc would take 3 hours to hand patch.
and once again I come to the point of internet time, and some people
only have 1 phone line, so they will be getting off every now and then
to phone people or if they live with there parents or have brother...
you get the point... where as with mud editor it can be done off-line
with ease detain and you won't  have the mud give you errors like
expecting $ or S. And there will be minor changes with notepad about
5mins worth in every zone except the main town which I've made strictly
with notepad. I would run linux if I could run windows 95 at the same
time but I can't, I would run linux if I have a fast enough 486 lying
around but I don't maybe I'm unlucky, nor do I plan to spend any money
on circlemud, as it is noted in the license you can't make money off it
so why spend money on it if you don't have too?
Look at it from my point of view, You have purchased about $4000 worth
of software for you computer, and are going to give it up for a game
which you cannot make money off, just for fun, and never use that 4000
dollars worth of progs again? Don't make sense, maybe in your situation
it does, for windows 95 users it doesn't, well most. and if you have
linux why are you worrying about this any ways because mudeditor is for
win95. there might be a *nix utility but I haven't looked at that.
any ways it makes more sense to be offline and create something thorugh
nice colorful, 3d, detailed windows instead of being online taking up
the phone line perhaps costing a big bill (when I had aol, I know I was
quite the lamer back then, (not to say anything about aol.....not...)I
got a bill for 50 dollars in 1 I switched to cabel modems)
All my world builders are imm as you have to be with olc(unless the
administrator has made minlevel some other level) they can reboot the
mud if they have to, I've set up a password protected web sight where
they can start the mud if it crashes or something like a test mud to see
how there area looks. Under win95 its easy to do all of this with
servers other than circle.
The way I got it everything is safe nobody can screw with things they
didn't make, it makes everything more secure, that's why we have banning
right? well this is like an extention with all the servers. well it
works for me everybody I've asked privatly has said they would rather
have it the way I'm talking about but then again those were all win 95
98 users. but so are the world makes on my mud.
This is an alternitave I think it works best for *quote "poor windows 95
users"* I can't stand windows 95 either but I started with circlemud
because I couldn't stand the crappy imms at the old mud I played and I
needed a summar holiday and a c++ project so my dad would get off my
back about playing games all summer. I was planning on a prafession in
circlemud so I decided just to have fun, and again this is my families
computer, I know most of you say if it is your parents or somethin you
shouldn't run it off anything but if you can and there is no confliction
I don't see why not. I can't stand plain text for hours, that's why I'm
not on muds all the time, But I can stand a win32 app. The descion is
basicly all based on what os your currently using and what your
background is with computers, as I mentioned in the very first post
about this I said it was directed at windows 95 users.

Well I don't fell like rambeling on anymore because this message is
pritty long as it is.
        - Matt

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