Re: Why use olc?

From: Brandon Brown (ViperBrd@AOL.COM)
Date: 10/03/98

Alright, this is getting a bit much...
   You've argued with everybody "Jourge Fuzz Bush" , about everything...
Now the arguements are getting a bit redundant, so lets try to cool it
alright? Not everything has to be sent through the mailing list; if you want
to have a fiery debate with somebody, send it through private email , as
there's no reason for everybody on the list to have to listen to it.

Just my opinon,
 - Viper

<< okay, I don't know about you but I would rather work in a windows 95
 environment for 40 and then upload and run ANOTHER version of the mud on
 a testport and check rather than conjure up a 200 dollar internet bill
 and looking at a meere 2 color shell for 40 hours. And yes I have used
 olc, and I still say its not worth it for windows 95 users. Also I would
 say on average the mud editor is faster and less strain on your eyes.
 but you do what ever you want. What u read was my opinion I didn't say u
 had to use it. And more than just visualize rooms, mobs, obj, at the
 same time in windows 95 you have lists visible most of time rather than
 having to go back and forth between mobs, objs, vnums in olc and on
 peices of paper you wrote on.
 and a reboot takes a mere few seconds. it's not like a full system
 Besides the matter olc takes quite a while to put in under win95
 considering that there is no patch programs that work properly and its
 quite a long patch.

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