Re: Why use olc?

From: Allen Landsidel (all@DATATONE.COM)
Date: 10/03/98

At 04:07 10/03/98 -0600, Jourge Fuzz Bush wrote:
>okay, I don't know about you but I would rather work in a windows 95
>environment for 40 and then upload and run ANOTHER version of the mud on
>a testport and check rather than conjure up a 200 dollar internet bill
>and looking at a meere 2 color shell for 40 hours. And yes I have used

Just FYI, here in the USA (don't know about canada), no ISPs bill by the
hour anymore.. not even AOL.  Compuserve _might_ I don't know, but I doubt
many mudders or mud admins use CServe..

For that matter, I don't know how anyone with self respect can use AOL, but
that's another story.. ;)

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