Re: Why use olc?

From: Invincibill (wlong@E-SERVER.NET)
Date: 10/03/98

First of all..this is long...and it contains no valuble coding
information. its merely a discussion as to the reason to use an olc.  it
can probably safely be ignored.

Allen, this is not a flame...nor is it an argument with you, it was just
convenient to reply to this one, vs go back to the first one, but i
guess i have wasted more time writing this than if i had actually just
gone back to the first one and replied to it....dear me...oh wait..i did
need to correct you on that ISP bit, so i'll do that first...

there are MANY isp's that bill by the hour. true, there are MANY MANY
that bill a flat rate for "unlimited usage", but i know people even
today that get billed by the number of hours they are connected.  this
is a good deal if you only use it once in a while. however, mudders, at
least none that i know of, would find this option even remotely
suitable. mudders are on the net MUCHO.  i would say, that if you are a
mudder, just resign yourself to that fact(because its not an easy
habit[pronounced "addiction"] to break), and go out and get an isp that
bills a flat rate.

**now, to continue the thread, and try to clue that poor jourge fuzz
bush(and the rest of you who are using Win95 for your internet serving)

another very feasible option is to get linux. its free, compiles
circlecode without a hitch AND, bonus here folks, you'll learn a WHOLE
lot about computers setting it up an running it. same thing with
freeBSD.  You might incure a 30 or 50 dollar fee by buying a book about
it, but its a small price to pay for the wealth of knowledge you'll
learn not only about your computer, but about computing in
general--properly guided this can turn into a high paying job in about 3
years. i could rant and rave about the *nix vs Microsoft issue for days,
but will cut it short here for the sake of brevity.

some of you say, "well I cant just put any thing on my parents' computer
i want."

to this i reply, "if you are going to run a circle mud, its going to
take up a WHOLE lot of computer time.  so you probably shouldnt be doing
it on your parents' computer in the first place."

Also, as was said in at least TWO other posts, MudEdit nor none of the
other offline mud editing tools that i know of, support world formats
other than just stock circle.  So if you have a stock circle mud or
stock circle world file format then sure, use it. if not, the offline
editors (other than notepad) arent worth the diskspace they takeup.  you
do have a point tho. perhaps i'll just whip up an offline editor that i
can use for my mud. it would only take me about 2 days. then i'll spend
3 hours and handpatch the OLC into my mud. Then my imms can use the OLC
i'll mail them copies of my offline editor at their request.

i guess i have rambled enough. :) if you have kept with me for this
long, i thank you and hope against all hopes, that you have seen some
sort of light. or at least agree with me.

Allen Landsidel wrote:
> At 04:07 10/03/98 -0600, Jourge Fuzz Bush wrote:
> >okay, I don't know about you but I would rather work in a windows 95
> >environment for 40 and then upload and run ANOTHER version of the mud on
> >a testport and check rather than conjure up a 200 dollar internet bill
> >and looking at a meere 2 color shell for 40 hours. And yes I have used
> Just FYI, here in the USA (don't know about canada), no ISPs bill by the
> hour anymore.. not even AOL.  Compuserve _might_ I don't know, but I doubt
> many mudders or mud admins use CServe..
> For that matter, I don't know how anyone with self respect can use AOL, but
> that's another story.. ;)
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