Re: Why use olc?

From: Matthew Lowe (modem-burn@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 10/05/98

In your case you are quite right, but I noticed you said that the builders had
to download a precompiled version the mud? For testing off-line.
Well I've done the same thing with my ftp server I've gave all of my imms
usernames and all of them have the same home directory except some have mapped
directorys which is my source directory and my bin directory, they can't rite
to these but they can read. That's the simplified version. anyways I see what
you mean, but I am trying to get it all automated and not cause my imms to be
losing money time or just getting fustrated(I loose my cool easyer when I'mjust
looking at text as do some of my imms) So I made this plan it works for all of
them, they are happy and they don't need me to do anything other than impliment
the new source they upload to the newsource mapped directory. But if they don't
have a compiler like borland or vis c++ then there would be a good use for olc
but that hasn't occured yet nor will it in the next year or so. With the tigger
thing. well olc does give way more options for dg events but events can be made
in the code, and since most of my events are always going on or just say a
person swear over gossip it will pick it up, I don't need to use olc for that.
One more thing if you are looking for the best way to make yourbuilders that
have win95 happy and you have allot of extra/changed flags from the stock
version, Make a visual basic program that does all the fiels for them. I played
on a mud that did this once and it took me 1 day to make the area, in which I
was only home 4 hours. so that could be helpful but it is allot of work and
maybe a little complicated with loading mobs, but it can be done and I'm sure
all/most of the builders will like it.
Thanks for your input,
    - Matt

Carlo Mocci wrote:

> Just a thought on this topic...
> In our Mud we have OLC installed and heavily expanded to support new
> features (we have more commands than the oedit/medit etc...). So using only
> a stock editor would leave a lot of work in text editors to be done.
> In Italy most of ISP don't charge for connection hours, but the telephone
> is, so you'll spend about 1.5$ an hour in day-time, less in the evening,
> for building online.
> We run the Mud on a linux box, but only coders have linux installed on
> their compo, not builders. So our solution is to have an executable version
> of the server compiled for Win95, sometimes we use Cygwin32, other times
> Borland (it depends on who builds the executable). Then the builders
> download that and use it offline to build everything they want.
> BTW I think that having an online possibility to edit zones is pretty
> important to correct bugs, typos and just creating gadgets. And if you use
> DG Scripts, OLC is the way to go too.
> Just my two cents

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