Re: Why use olc?

From: Jourge Fuzz Bush (modem-burn@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 10/02/98

Well of course, mud editor only does stock but this is what I tell my
imms to do, Make the basic world in Mud Editor and then use notepad to
add the rest of the values. It works it's less hassel and it's more
structured. Anyways I wouldn't want my mud to be down 1 week over
something that really wouldn't get used because all the world builders I
have prefer the windows based programs to make world. Well at least the
ones I asked. Anyways I figure that if you some isp like aol that
charges you by the hour then you have to spend like 40 hours of online
time to make this on area, well thats like a $200 dollar bill and I
don't know about the rest of you but I know everybody in the world
doeesn't exactly have enough money to waist on a mud, or even wait on a
mud if they didn't have to and still get the job done just as easyily.
This is my opinion, not exactly any of your opinions nor am I telling
you to use this method.

        - Matt

Invincibill wrote:
> this is assuming you have stock world files. if you dont have stock
> world files(ie the structure) then mudedit doesnt work.  also, if you
> dont have stock world files and you have been too busy to make up good
> documentation on it, the OLC is basically the only way to add
> items/rooms/mobs to your mud.  from past experience VERY FEW individuals
> will build a zone with a text editor.
> then again, i havent looked at MudEdit in about 4 years so its very
> possible i could be way off base here. :) does MudEdit allow you to
> build with different world file structures? if so, hell, maybe i'll get
> it.
> i can think of one other reason, with OLC you can actually do some
> checking to make sure the various values being assigned are sane and
> within limits of the mud.  On my mud i totally rewrote the whole
> door/exit structure and it take some interpreting on the muds part to be
> able to assign the values. i dont think a mud world file editor would do
> that.
> i do see your point tho. if you have stock world files, and you just
> patch in stock oasis, its much slower building. you dont need quite the
> expertise tho.  I used to run Sammy's Obuild on a previous mud and i
> quite liked the command line style of building. you could build real
> fast if you knew what you were doing.  i contemplated having both of
> them on my mud now, but figured the time i would have so spend adapting
> them both wouldnt be worth the value i would get out them. and since
> very few builders who are looking for jobs these day actually know what
> they are doing, i figured the Oasis was the way to go. (no flames
> please, if you think you are a good builder, then that comment obviously
> didnt apply to you.)
> there is a need for it tho. i suppose tho, just like everything else
> about mudding, its totally up to the staff of the mud and the rules of
> building and how the code is set up.
> bill
> Jourge Fuzz Bush wrote:
> >
> > Well this basiclly only aplies to win95 users because I haven't checked
> > out off line *nix world building utilities but I guess *nix users could
> > use plain text but read the following anyways.
> >
> > Okay, I've read all the messages all the troubles, and 1 question comes
> > to mind. Why the hell are we using olc instead mud editor, like the only
> --
> reply to wlong<@> avoidance policy in effect.
> check out, lots 'o neat stuff there.
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