Re: HOUSE BUG, help?

From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 10/03/98

On Sat, 3 Oct 1998, Jourge Fuzz Bush wrote:

>No, listen carefully, I have imm statues which carry imm eq and now if
>all the big people that have played a long time get all of these they
>can every time they log on and they houses. it stays in the zone and it
>doesn't repop on the statue just like any eq. and I did set it to a low
>number because I don't want one statue to have like 5 of these good
>pieces of eq that are worth like a car in my game or about 100 quest

Que? Huh? Translation please.

>I was basically asking if anyone had implemented it so that
>after the first crash save it would be saved on file and removed from
>the game, then when someone enters the house off of just going into
>there house or just loading in there house that is comes back again.


>This will let that specific item repop. and it will prevent the mud from
>having to crash  save about 100 houses every 5 mins. Not to mention
>allow some sort of auto eq in the houses.

Houses are saved only if they are changed.

structs.h:68:#define ROOM_HOUSE_CRASH (1 << 12) /* (R) House needs saving */

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