Re: automatic credits update system

From: Sean Daley (sdaley@BBNPLANET.COM)
Date: 10/06/98

I hate to say it, but check out the archives, this topic
was discussed ad nauseum about a month or so ago.  Don't
take this as a flame since it's not your fault.  If I
remember right there was pretty much one person who
was very strongly behind this implementation but
specific reasons were given for why this probably
won't be done.  Anyway, check the archives, they'll be able
to explain it better than my memory will :)


At 03:28 PM 10/06/1998 -0700, you wrote:
>  Has anyone actually implemented an automatic credits update system?
>  I ws thinking that it would be fairly simple.  Have a credits file in all
>the right places (./src ./doc where ever) and have the file terminated by a
>unique character string. (maybe /* ======== */ and/or /* -------- */ )
>  Patches would insert the credit blurb on the line above the terminator.
>for the generic credits. specicic patch updates could be attained the same
>way only using a different separator (ie /* -=--=---= */ )
>  Thoughts, comments or complaints??

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