Re: [MSVC++] Executing circle.exe (again)

From: Xual (xual@SATANSPAWN.ML.ORG)
Date: 10/09/98

On Sat, 10 Oct 1998, Andrew wrote:

> Ok, by doing a dir/s I find that I only have one instance of circle.exe,
> and that is c:\circle\circle30bpl14\bin\circle.exe. There are no project
> files or anything. The workspace file (the one I open up in VC) is in
> the \circle\circle30bpl14\ directory. I tried running circle.exe at the
> DOS prompt, and I got the following error:
> SYSERR: Fatal error changing to the data directory: No such file or directory
> However, when I run it in MC++ it works fine. I'm not sure why it can find
> the data directory in VC++, but not when I run it one it's lonesome.

Try this at the DOS prompt:

cd \circle\circle30bpl14

I'm pretty sure you have to run it from the circle30bpl14 directory, or it
won't recognize the data dir as ..\lib

Hope this helps, it's been a while since I ran under Win95


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