Re: [MSVC++] Executing circle.exe (again)

From: Aaron Throckmorton (throck@NFINITY.COM)
Date: 10/10/98

Try moving you executable file into the \circle\circle30bpl14\ directory
instead of in the bin\ directory.  You should be able to run it fine
then (works for me).  Also, if you want to keep the window open, run it
from a batch file.  Right click your batch file, click on the Program
tab, then clear the Close on exit option.

If you want a win95 log file, let me know.  Mine works really well.


Andrew wrote:
> Ok, by doing a dir/s I find that I only have one instance of circle.exe,
> and that is c:\circle\circle30bpl14\bin\circle.exe. There are no project
> files or anything. The workspace file (the one I open up in VC) is in
> the \circle\circle30bpl14\ directory. I tried running circle.exe at the
> DOS prompt, and I got the following error:
> SYSERR: Fatal error changing to the data directory: No such file or directory
> However, when I run it in MC++ it works fine. I'm not sure why it can find
> the data directory in VC++, but not when I run it one it's lonesome.
> Thanks again.
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