[WIN98] Clean copy of Circle98

From: Phooey On You (Phooey182@AOL.COM)
Date: 10/10/98

Since someone requested this, I am posting it...

I have a copy of Circle-bpl14 with OLC2.0+ (with DG-Scripts) and the 128 bit-
vector code installed for Windows 98.
I have already converted all the mob, obj & wld files for the 128-bitvectors,
and the code compiles and runs cleanly on Windows98 using MSVC++6.0.  I have
also corrected a few bugs and updated the OLC procedures to work with the
128-bitvector code.  I have provided the workspace for MSVC++, so you don't
have to build your own project.

I have tarred and zipped this file and I am offering it up to anyone who wants
it.  Just email me.  I didn't include it with this message because I didn't
think everyone would want to receive it.

If you want to give credit (other than the usual people), I would suggest
giving it to Shirak (his web page was useful) and the authors of the DG-
Scripts, OLC, and the 128-bitvector code.


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