gcc is on crack...

From: Ronny Iversen (ronnyi@IFI.UIO.NO)
Date: 10/17/98

This is freaking me out :P
Im getting this wierd compiling message,
warning:overflow in implicit  constant conversion when I call the
obj_stat function
with some of the defined ITEM_
Anybody ever seen anything like this and knows what it is?

#define ITEM_NODROP        (1 << 7) /* Nodrop does not cause compiler
#define ITEM_BLESS         (1 << 8) /* I but item bless up til item
nodet causes */
#define ITEM_NODET         (1 << 26)    /* the message of imlicit
constant etc  */

#define IS_OBJ_STAT(obj,stat)
sprintf(buf,"%s%s\r\n", buf, get_eq_cond(GET_OBJ_TIMER(obj),

spells.c:556: warning: overflow in implicit constant conversion

Regardz Nocturnal

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