room_vnum to long ?

From: Edoardo Spelta (espelta@GOEMON.POLITO.IT)
Date: 10/18/98

I noticed that room numbers are declared as sh_int in structs.h,
so there can't be more than 16384 elements in the world array of rooms,
is it right?
If my mud needed more than that number of rooms, should i have to change
only the declaration in structs.h or should i also change every other
occurences in the code ?
For instance if i changed in structs.h
        typedef sh_int room_vnum ---> typedef long room_vnum
        typedef sh_int room_rnum ---> typedef long room_rnum
should i also change in db.c:
        int real_room(int virtual) ----> long real_room(long virtual) ?))

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