new do_vstat function (more efficient)

From: Invincibill (wlong@E-SERVER.NET)
Date: 10/20/98

in regards to my earlier post, i decided to fix my do_vstat() func. it
really wasnt a bug, but hey, every nanosecond counts right :)

anyway..all you need to do is at the lines after
if(is_abbrev(buf, "mob")) {...

-  mob=read_mobile(r_num, REAL);
-  char_to_room(mob, 0);
-  do_stat_character(ch, mob);
+  do_stat_character(ch, mob_proto + r_num);
-  extract_char(mob);
-  obj=read_object(r_num, REAL);
-  do_stat_object(ch, obj);
+  do_stat_object(ch, obj_proto + r_num);
-  extract_obj(obj); the top of wcomm.c...err...what is it act_wizard.c you will need
to declare the obj_proto and mob_proto tables

+  extern struct char_data *mob_proto;
+  extern struct object_data *obj_proto;

you can then delete the var decs in the do_vstat func
-  struct char_data *mob;
-  struct object_data *obj;

its little changes. but they all help.
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