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From: Jourge Fuzz Bush (modem-burn@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 10/19/98

**WARNING: Not spell checked...I'm way way way to lazy and busy to do
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1. Adding vars to popular structs.....
2. GDB, is there one in vc++?
3. act function, misc commands.....

1. Adding vars to popular structs......
Well in my mud I've added guns, but I had to add
some things to the obj_data struct. Like int loaded.
That's like a boolean to represent weather or not the
gun is loaded. Right now it's value is either 0 or 1
but I'll be adding 3 or something to represent the gun
being jammed. Now just a gun with a load function is
unrealistic I needed a objtype clip. So the load function
searches through the invintory and finds the first clip
it can. Then it loads it. But I want the clip to disapear
so I removed it from the char (obj_from_char) and then added
another var to the obj_data struct; struct obj_data *clip. Then
I made the gun->clip = obj (the clip found in the invintory) but
only 5% of the weapons will be guns so is it necissary for all
of the weapons to have these vars declared and waist memory? Or
is there a way to only declare these for certain functions?
It's a dumb question but I do need to conserve the memory.

2. GDB, is there one in vc++?

Well I hear everybody talking about gdb is there something simalar
in vc++. I've just been guessing where my problems are and what making
it crash. I just never looked at vc++ debug commands; I was using
wordpad and nmake to compile my mud before I tried using vc++ projects.

3. act function, misc commands.....

I've recently posted about my mud crashing. As I mentioned before
I wasn't using any debug progs so it was like guess and check. I even
took out act.wizzard.c to see if that was crashing. Anyways one person
posted about a line in act.c (THANKS) well I took it out and everything
works fine. But why is that line there in the first place because the
line wouldn't do anything(but crash my mud :( ) unless somebody did
something like act(NULL,blah,blah,blah) and then it's a minor debug
thing the person has to do to fix it. I know it's good to have all the
checks in there to make sure nothing goes wrong but this just crashes
everything. That's to do with my mud. It's not a big deal really just
want to know if there is a good reason why it's there.

- Matt

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