Re: [NEWBIE] General compile question

From: Brian (brian@IMI-BOTTLING.COM)
Date: 10/21/98

I have one of those "driving me crazy" compile problems...

This specifically has to do with the arena code snippet.  However, it's a
simple, stupid problem.  I run "make" and comm.c begins compiling, then
tells me that some things like ARENA_START and ARENA_RUNNING aren't
declared.  I think "that's odd" because it's defined in arena.h.  I go into
arena.h.  Sure enough, it's defined there.  So then I go into the top of
comm.c and add the include for arena.h.  Still the same errors.  I go
double-check the Makefile... I even add arena.h to the comm.o section.  I
still get the same errors.  At this point, I figure "forget this" and copy
everything in arena.h into the bottom of structs.h.  Then it compiles fine.

Why?  For some reason, arena.h was not being seen by anything.  What did I
miss that I needed to add so it would see arena.h?

 - Brian

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