circlemud license question

From: Mulder (mulder@CLOUD9.NET)
Date: 10/23/98

I am just pondering something.

I created a new command called "circlemud", which lists the complete
CircleMUD/DikuMUD credits. I moved the circle credits from the "credits"
command to there, and now use "credits" for my MUD's additional authors.

Is this in violation of the circlemud license agreement? The credits command
also states "based on the CircleMUD source code by Jeremy Elson, which is a
derivative of DikuMUD. For more info type: circlemud"

I am just trying to make sure I am not infringing upon the license by doing
this. Thank you.
PS: I also added some coloration to the original circlemud credits. Is this
considered changing it?

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