Re: circlemud license question

From: Jason Wilkins (fenix@IO.COM)
Date: 10/23/98

On Fri, 23 Oct 1998, Mulder wrote:

> I am just pondering something.
> I created a new command called "circlemud", which lists the complete
> CircleMUD/DikuMUD credits. I moved the circle credits from the "credits"
> command to there, and now use "credits" for my MUD's additional authors.
> Is this in violation of the circlemud license agreement?

From the license:

   Any running version of DikuMud must include our names in the login
   sequence. Furthermore the "credits" command shall always cointain
   our name, addresses, and a notice which states we have created DikuMud.

The plain langauge of this license states that you must literally put the
information they requested in the login sequence and the "credits"
command.  It must be the "credits" command I'm afraid.  If they said the
"phooey" command they would mean the "phooey" command.  I wouldn't try to
circumvent it.

> The credits command
> also states "based on the CircleMUD source code by Jeremy Elson, which is a
> derivative of DikuMUD. For more info type: circlemud"
> I am just trying to make sure I am not infringing upon the license by doing
> this. Thank you.
> PS: I also added some coloration to the original circlemud credits. Is this
> considered changing it?

I don't think the license prevents you from changing it, but it must
contain the information they wanted.  So, AFAIK, you can make it any color
of the rainbow, as long as it was readable (yellow on yellow doesn't
count ^_^).

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