[NEWBIE] colors

From: Igor (imestric@PUBLIC.SRCE.HR)
Date: 10/28/98

Well, again the code has been modified and again nothing works perfectly....
Problem #1: Colors (room desc, char desc, objs in room) are randomly
         when in 'color complete', i don't see the actuall colors of
various things
         like descriptions. Some parts seem to be colored off.
Motive: none
colors.c hasn't been modified so i don't know where could be the problem.

Problem #2: Can someone send me the code or at least instructions on how to
            write the damage # in combat ... that would mean that the players
            would see in ( ) the ammount that has damaged the opponent..

Problem #3: Same instructions for group gain limitations so that player on
a high level
            who is grouped with player on low level don't get same exp for
killin the same

enormous thanks for any help.

  Peace With You

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