Re: [CODE] Windows 95 Email rego

From: Jourge Fuzz Bush (modem-burn@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 10/29/98

Well this don't make sense. Well it does but it don't work out well.
First that's a trial version which means every message has the following
message attached to the top:
** This message was sent via an unregistered trial copy of
*** MailSend v 5.11.  Visit to
*** obtain your own trial copy of MailSend.

And what the guy originaly wanted was a e-mail patch. See the problem is
that when he e-mails someone with this through his mud with the system
command everything will be stopped until the prog returns. That's not
long maybe 5, 10 secs but with all the lag that could be going on plus
this don't make a good mud. I figure that a simle little e-mailer based
on advanced text editor wouldn't be so hard to make considering a mail
server is based on a few commands. Now if that's not what he wanted let
me ask is there a patch for internal internet mailing.

Jason Wilkins wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Oct 1998, Ryan Morrow wrote:
> >
> >
> > A DOS MailSend utility that supposedly works under 9x and NT.  I haven't tried it, but check it out...
> If it works under WinNT/9x Winsock, then its a 32 bit console program, not
> a DOS program.  For instance, I'm writing this letter using a 32-bit
> telnet program in Windows NT, the program is not a DOS program, but it
> runs full screen character mode.
> > =8^D~
> >
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