I want to host a circlemud

From: Scott Johnson (Scott.Johnson@SUFSYS.COM)
Date: 10/30/98

Hello there.  I've been wanting to host a MUD for a while.  However my time
has been rather limited as far as being able to commit full time to it as
I'm working on a different Internet game.  I would really like to see this
MUD in full action just to see the traffic in/out from my linux server.  I
finally decided that I would look at offering to someone else to run the
circlemud on my server.  This linux box is on a T1 and currently dedicated
to this one mud.  If you are interested please email me back with the
following info:

1)      Name
2)      Age
3)      # of years playing RPG games
4)      # of years playing muds, # years being a god
5)      # years programming (and what language(s)), # years programming with
6)      What do you want to accomplish?
7)      What rules would you enforce on the MUD?

If you are one of the people that I feel could run it I will have a few
additional questions
as I will be adding a shell account for you.

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